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About:  This vision came up as a result of the battle I wrestled with God for about six hours in June, 2007. When God held and broke me down for abandoning His assignment, it was a night one cannot forget in a hurry. He took me to the book of Haggai 1:5-9. This battle with God pushed me out the following morning with all readiness to do his assignment.

Also, on July 2, 2011, around 11 o’clock at night, God came back again with His mighty power upon me and showed me great shrine like a heap in a vision in which God said to me, son, that what you see are not heaps but glories and destinies of my people being tied down into shrine as a result of false teaching and satanic initiation.

The Lord said son, go for undiluted teaching of my word and set my people free from all kinds of satanic bondage with serious warning.

Therefore, this special commission of God’s assignment upon me had been solely commissioned and committed to the teaching of his word and serious deliverance of his people since 2007. Deliverance from all kinds of bondage in which countless numbers of people have given their lives to Christ, and have been testifying to the goodness of God all over the globe after their deliverance. With the called Destiny Refinement Clinic of God until May 2016 after an incident of a brother who lost his life in an attack by the devil and was brought back to life by God’s hand on May 25, 2016. 

Two weeks later, in June 2016, God appear to me and called three times, son, son, son, it is high time to move forward and for the duplication of my power at LIBERTY because destinies are lost on a daily basis, with the book of Jer. 50:33-34.

After much thought, prayer and counsel from my fathers in the faith, Destiny Liberation Ministries Int’l was born, from Destiny Refinement Clinic of God.
The first meeting of Destiny Liberation Ministries Int’l was held on August 28,

Theme: Their Redeemer is Strong
Text: Jer. 50:33-34.
Venue: Gboromiro Mountain, Oda Road, Akure.

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