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Type: Blog/CMS
Niche: News and Current Affairs
Client: Times-News Nigeria Limited, Ondo State, Nigeria
URL: http://www.timenewsng.com/
About: TimeNewsNg is a news platform managed by  Time Communications.

The zeal to bring to the populace accurate, timely and reliable news brought forth the idea of having this platform in filling the gap and vacuum created by the seeming unprofessional and unethical ways of information dissemination.

TimeNewsNg is poised to change the face of online journalism as we adhere strictly to the ethics of the profession.

While this platform might be seen as a reliable information hub, the main vision of the management, however, is to see it grow to an acceptable community where interactions will be made, social problems will be discussed and solved and meaningful development will be added to the lives of those who subscribe to us in one way or the other.

TimeNewsNg...Timely,Accurate and Reliable

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